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> More properties available to clients since there is no commission or listing fee for owners.
> Owner will only be contacted by committed clients due to client subscription fee
> Clients enjoy 18% VAT refund since subscription inclusive VAT tax
> 99% owner will be contacted by client not agents due to client subscription
> No commission or listing fee for the owner
> No commission for the clients.
> 99% of listings are both owner and property managers otherwise the property will not be approved
> Save time and money by avoiding agent visit fees or delay

As there is no agent, it is a win-win negotiation between owner and client.
In short, Clients/subscribers automatically receive an email with  information about the owner and manager, or one of them, as well as the exact property address once they click on the getownerinfo button. Some of the information is detailed below: 

> Owner's Tel No and email
> Property manager email and Tel
> Gatekeeper/ key manager Tel
> Property street and property number
> Property map location
To ensure that 99%, you will find your choice property either to buy or rent, we developed strategies that help us that you are not going to lose, firstly you have to basic plan of viewing ownerinfo of up to 10 properties which is considered enough to make choice from, secondly, we do daily checking from owners of properties and help them to remove the taken property from our listing, lastly, you may chart with us or send us an email and ask special property availability before paying subscription or clicking getownerinfo button.
Absolutely yes, you may check as many properties as you wish based on your subscription plan.
Due to no listing fee or commission fee charged to the owner, owners are encouraged to list their property at discounted prices or lower prices than those offered by agents. To encourage discounted price listings, properties that are considered exemplary deals will be featured.
For foreigners or those who do not know the location well, we recommend visiting the property with a friend. This will help you with the process of a property visit and negotiations.
Remember listing a property is now free, so we review all submitted pending properties to ensure they appear well on our platform.
Depends on different factors, such as the type of property - cars, houses? Status- for rent or sale? Etc. To know more about our subscriptions, use the link:
The available payment methods are:
>     MTN Mobile Money
>     VISA or MASTER card
>     Afripay
Although Getownerinfo guarantees you that 99% are owners or property managers, you should do due diligence before paying any money at the final stage. First, you may check ownership or management documents, have a lawyer or notary to assist you in closing the deal.
At present, the available property categories are housing-real estate and cars
We have started in Rwanda and will soon reach the rest of the world.
If you encounter any inconvenience, please contact us immediately by emailing us: [email protected]  , you may also chart with us, for any property listed, there is a chart with us button. Again you may contact us by filling a form in this link

Last, you may visit us at KN 70 ST, 3rd floor, Florida House- Kigali Rwanda

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