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About Us

The Leading Real Estate Rental Marketplace.

Getownerinfo is E_Mall Ltd.’s brand managed by DASIA- Digital Agency Solution In Africa. With no commission, it connects buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants online.

Among listing sites or agencies, Getownerinfo is unique because:

Owners feel comfortable listing their properties on getownerinfo since we do not charge commissions or listing fees.

99% client and owner satisfaction: The basic subscription plan allows clients to get owner and exact address information for up to 10 properties in a month. The client will find his/her choice from various properties listed by owners who are happy to use this site since there is no listing fee or commission.

18% VAT refund: all our clients/subscribers receive 18% VAT tax EBM receipt after payment of subscription fee; such receipt encourages companies to use our platform rather than those of other agents. 

0 commission = Client will enjoy low price and owner closes a good deal: Remember, agent/broker may collect 5% from seller and 5% from buyer, also may charge more than 1 month's rent to the landlord and ½ rent to the tenant, beyond of this, some agents set price higher than owner price and collect the net balance. The result of all these charges is a higher price for the client and a poor deal for the owner. However, if no agent intervenes, the client will pay less and the owner will be able to get a good deal through direct negotiation between the owner and the client.

In order to get the owner's information and the exact property address, clients will have to pay a subscription fee (for maintenance), so those who are not serious will not be willing to join this service - only committed clients will contact the owners.

Getownerinfo is pure owners and client’s choice who don’t want to deal with agent/broker; Imagine client has up to 10 choice properties from good deals posted by owner who didn’t charge anything, both client and owner has full control on price negotiation without agent which result win-win to both of them. Also, since some owners lose their money after listing their properties on some website and they never be contacted by anyone or receiving stressful calls from agents who are only asking properties information without a client, remember that owner contacts are public on classified/advertising websites. Moreover, poor properties/deals are mostly you will find on some listing sites. Since owners of an excellent deals expect to get clients quickly without the cost of only listing on the website, they are not sure to get a client. Last but not least, homeowner contacts are public on the listing website, so if the agent has a client, he will contact the owner asking for commission, resulting in the owner paying twice for the listing fee and commission fee.

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Different cars for sale are available on the website, You can find one that matches your preferences.

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Different cars for rent are available on the website, You can find one that matches your preferences.

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Many homes for sale are available on the website, we can match you with a house you will want to call home.

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Many homes for rent available on the website, You may find a beautiful one.

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Our Testimonial

Clients Feedback

We just wanted to thank you so much for your help in purchasing the property. You have both really gone out of your way to help and your assistance, patience and time has been greatly appreciated. We will highly recommend your agency to people we know!

Mulisa James

I used this platform to sell property in early 2023. I was very pleasantly surprised when we received a decent strong offer in the first 48 hours of home opens and we accepted the offer. Everything went smoothly and the property sold in 4 weeks.

Peter Murengezi

We had great success in the sale of our unit and highly recommend anyone selling to use GETOWNERINFO, they were very professional and a pleasure to work with. Recommending them to anyone wanting to sell or buy a property


WOW, PP020 is absolutely stunning! the architecture and design are top notch. i love the extanal wall color and the natural light that fills the rooms


Stunning and spacious house for rent! This is the best designed platform offers ample living space, Modern appliances and private backyard perfect for entertaining guests.

Karangwa francis

that listing caught myeye immediately! the backyard oasis is a dream come true,perfect for hosting gatherings or simply enjoying some tranquility. can't wait to see more properties

Suzan Debra

this platform to sell property in early is very effective in selling your property fast I am happy with this platform


Ideally located in a highly desirable neighborhood! Actually this is the platform you've been waiting for! Thank you for making our life so beatifull.

willy Gorge

I was able to buy my dream home without paying any commission fees. Thanks to this platform. I really recommend it

Dushime Claude

This is a great way to use it to sell your property through this platform, thank you


I am really surprised of how the platform made the process of buying a property so easy and stress-free. No commissioner stress anymore, I high recommend everyone

Rugira Fred

This is a great way to use it to sell your property through this platform, thank you


Thanks to this platform I was able to buy a house without commission fee It is really a budget saver

Amata chloe

the out door space of p03 is truly enchanting.the beautifully landscaped garden and pavement create a serene oasis, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors


Welcome to your dream home! Modern and stylish, this is well-appointed house for me

Kambanda victor

This is perfect for my families and entertainers alike, This amazing home features a gorgeous gourmet kitchen with top of the line appliances an elegant formal dining room! This is a good place for me.


Woooo Thank you so much for the best way you brought us to buy properties that we have in this way what they are saying is that you can also use it so much


the attention to sustainability of v001 is impressive.it is a wonderful choice for those who care about environment


Congratulations on how you brought us to help us buy and sell a properly sales us and we have a lot of beauty

Ange mutima

Thank you for creating this amazing website! it is incredibly helpful and well designed

Epiphanie UWIMANA

​ We appreciate the use of a website that it would buy you and sell properties


i just wanted to express my gratitude for this website.it's not only answered my question but also it save our time . Thank you!!!


i want to drop a quick note to say thank you for maintaining this website. it's evident that a lot of effort goes into keeping the content fresh and relevant


I was impressed by the quality of leads I received through the platform. The buyers were very serious and committed, which made the selling process much smoother. This is a real deal for sure.

Abijuru Brian

I was hesitant to sell my property online, but after hearing about this platform from a friend, I decided to give it a try. The platform allowed me to list my property, connect with potential buyers. Within a few weeks, I had multiple offers and was able to sell my property for a great price without paying any commission fees. I would highly recommend this platform to anyone who wants to sell their property quickly and efficiently

Nshuti Regis

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